Derek Fell's Garden Photo Library

Derek Fell's Garden Photo Library

Fee Schedule

Usage Category Fees
with credit line* without credit line
Advertising & Commercial Use (all uses, including advertisements, product labels, promotional brochures, press releases, etc.) $250 $500
Newspapers (all uses) $125 $250
Magazines (all uses) $125 $250
Books (all uses) $125 $250
Catalogs (all uses) $125 $250
Websites, TV & Radio (all uses) $125 $250
Greeting Cards (all uses) $125 $250
Multiple use within house** Double the above fees
Other uses (company logos, calendars, package design, jigsaw puzzles, and posters) Contact us


*Credit line must read ""

**Up to 5 uses in-house. This means the image can be used up to 5 times within a company for the price of 2 uses: eg: advertisement, press release, brochure, poster, etc. It does not mean unlimited use: eg: a photo library.

FILE SIZE: Use of images for large-format printing may be limited by file size - please contact us if you need a larger file.


For quantities of 100, 500, 1,000 or 5,000 images, send us a list of the images you wish to purchase and we will scan them onto a disk for mail delivery.

100 for $50.00 each;
500 for $30.00 each;
1000 for $20 each;
5,000 for $15.00 each

Private and personal use


Email with your specific request. There's an excellent chance that we have the image in our extensive slide library of more than 150,000 publication quality images.