Derek Fell's Garden Photo Library

French Marigolds and blue salvia

Peonies, mixed varieties

Dahlias and gladiolus

Sugar Maples



Orchid display

Bromeliad among spring flowers

Shrub and Climbing Roses

Meadow mixture

Deck planters with periwinkle

Monet's Bridge

Chives and hoarfrost

Potato harvast

Bucks County



Derek Fell specializes in photographing gardens worldwide. Seeking to portray their romantic qualities, he visits properties in all seasons (including snowy, wintry days) and all environmental conditions (including pouring rain, morning mist, and frost). In particular, his sensitive images of Monet's Garden, Renoir's Garden and Van Gogh's Gardens has established him as an expert on the Impressionist painters and their gardening philosophies. His calendar for the Monet Museum, Giverny - entitled Magic of Monet's Garden - sells more than 5,000 copies annually in the Museum's bookstore alone.

Derek's photographic technique is detailed in his best-selling photography book - Photographing Flowers & Gardens, a full color deluxe paperback which sold 40,000 copies worldwide in its original edition for HP Books, and recently was revised and reprinted by Silver Pixel Press. Most recently, when David Bateman Ltd. wanted a garden photographer to portray the great gardens of New Zealand, Derek was chosen on the strength of his calendar, Great Gardens (Portal), which has been in continuous publication for fifteen years.

Derek's photo library of horticultural topics is one of the most widely published in the world, the images used in heavily illustrated books like Encyclopaedia Britannica, Readers Digest Books, Ortho Books, Time/Life garden books, the Taylor's Gardening Series and the Better Homes & Gardens Step-by-Step series of gardening books. Assignments for leading magazines like Architectural Digest have taken him to many exotic destinations, including Hawaii's Big Island, Bermuda, Virgin Gorda, and New Zealand.


Derek Fell's Horticultural Picture Library consists of l50,000 images (35 mm and 2 l/4 x 2 l/4 in slides), focusing on plants and gardens, taken over a period of 35 years. The images are rented mostly to publishers of books, magazines and nursery catalogs worldwide; also for greeting cards, calendars, jig-saw puzzles and seed packets. Some sample images are shown here. Prices depend on useage.

The images are stored at Cedaridge Farm, Pipersville, Pennsylvania. Following is a summary of the complete library.

For more information contact Derek Fell, Box 525, Pipersville PA l8947; Tel: 2l5-766-2858. E-mail:


Annuals: A-Z by Latin name and common name. Contains all true annuals plus some perennials that are normally treated as annuals. e.g. Geranium hortorum (bedding geraniums). This category also contains annual gardens by season.

Perennials: A-Z by Latin name and common name. Contains all true perennials plus some sub-shrubs that are treated as perennials. E.g. Iberis sempervirens. This categaory also contains Perennial Gardens by season.

Bulbs: A-Z by Latin name and common name. Contains all bulbous plants classified as perennial bulbs. Where some bulbous plants - such as Iris germanica and Lilium hybrids - are generally requested as perennials, these filed under Perennials, with a cross-reference from bulbs. This category also contains Bulb Gardens by season, arrangements & indoor plantings.

Trees: A-Z by Latin name and common name. Contains all woody plants classified as trees or tree-like shrubs such as Hamamelis mollis (witch-hazels). Trees generally grow over 15 feet and have one main trunk. This section includes tropical trees such as Palms.

Shrubs: A-Z by Latin name and common name. Contains all woody plants classified as "shrub-like". These are usually under 15 feet with multiple stems. This includes tropical shrubs sometimes also grown as House Plants.

Fruits: A-Z by Common name or Latin name depending on common usage. This includes tropical fruits such as Pineapple, and dessert quality fruits such as apples, and peaches. Vegetable fruits are filed under Vegetables. Nuts have a special section.

Orchids: A-Z by Latin name and common name. This includes both wild and cultivated kinds.

Houseplants: A-Z by Latin name and common name containing plants commonly grown as house plants, including foliage and flowering kinds. This category also contains some house plant displays and indoor gardens.

Cacti & Succulents: A-Z by Latin names and common name. These are mostly tropical kinds, but also some hardy species like Sedums and hardy prickly pear.

Roses: A-Z by Latin name and variety name. General classifications are: Hybrid Tea; Floribunda; Grandiflora; Climber; Miniature; Species and Old Garden Roses - using the American Rose Society classifications. Arrangements and rose gardens are included in this category.

Wildflowers: A-Z by Latin name and common name. These are mainly indigenous species of North American wildflowers. Some wildflower gardens and wildflower meadows are in this category. Also a good selection of the wildflowers of Namaqualand (South Africa) and the Sub-antarctic islands.

Structures: A-Z These are mainly design features and garden accents - particularly anything that landscape architects consider "hardscape" such as paths, stepping stones, benches and bridges. This section contains a wide selection of plants in containers.

Gardens: A-Z mostly public and private gardens worldwide filed by the owner's name or name of the garden. This category contains a Miscellaneous Gardens section where habitat gardens (water, desert etc.) color theme gardens and ethnic theme gardens (such as Japanese) are filed. Plant theme gardens - such as annual gardens - are filed in the plant category sections.

Herbs: A-Z by Latin name and common name covering both specimen shots of plants in a garden setting, and herbs in culinary settings. Also includes herb gardens, including knot gardens.

Vegetables: A-Z by Common name. These are mostly vegetables found in a farmers market, home gardens or produce counter. Some edible plants - such as chives - are more commonly requested as Herbs and therefore filed in the Herb section.

Miscellaneous: This is a "catch-all" section mostly for pictures that don't fit elsewhere, such as "how-to" sequences (seeding, transplanting, etc.) and other garden chores (pest control); also a small travel section, especially of Bucks County, France and New Zealand